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We offer a wide variety of services, ranging from cleanings and bleaching to crowns and root canals. We also work closely with excellent specialists when appropriate to ensure you are getting the best care possible.


To have empathy for all members of our dental family and do meticulous dentistry with integrity in a caring and passionate environment that is energetic and honest


Our attention to detail is second to none and we will work closely with you to ensure your visit goes as smoothly as possible


I just recently found this place, not only is it an amazing group of people that makes the place feel very welcoming, it is close to home. The atmosphere makes you feel very comfortable and gives you strong confidence you are in the hands of people who truly care about their patients and their job. I am very happy to have found this dentist office.

Wolfie W.
Wolfie W.

I am beyond satisfied with my experience here. I was nervous about going to a new office after my prior experience but I can honestly say this office surpassed my expectations. The staff here are super nice and attentive, they listened to all my concerns and took their time with explaining everything. I honestly have no complaints, would definitely recommend to everyone!


Amazing service!!!!!! I was referred to this dentist by my Orthadontist and it’s been great. The hygienist and I clicked immediately. She was so amazing to talk to. She walked me through every step. The dentist is great as well. He was able to do exactly what I wanted. Always a pleasure coming here.

Maryam M.
Maryam M.

Pretty much everyone in my family has come here, even my five year old loved it. Had dental cleaning done here and I’m so glad they didn’t butcher my gums like I’ve had at other dental offices. Will definitely be coming back here regularly ?

Kevin C.
Kevin C.

The entire team at Friends and Family Dental are kind, compassionate, and very professional. All 3 of my kids are patients and are always comfortable with their visits. We highly recommend the practice to anyone looking for a wonderful dentist!

Robin R.
Robin R.

Did you have an experience at our office that you would like to share with us?  Use our patient satisfaction survey to let us know how we did, we always encourage your feedback.


  • Emergency Care

    Our emergency dental services cover a broad range of emergency dental situations. Contact us right away if you have a dental emergency.

  • Dental Exams

    Common conditions such as tooth decay and the onset of gum disease are easily treatable if caught in the early stages, and as an added bonus, treatment is less expensive.

  • Crown Dentistry

    These dental restorations can solve a variety of dental problems, including broken, cracked and discolored teeth, as well as gaps between teeth and even missing teeth.

  • Bridge Dentistry

    Dental bridges prevent remaining teeth from shifting into gaps; shifting teeth can cause cosmetic issues and can even affect your bite.

  • Fillings

    We are a Mercury free dental office. At Friends and Family Dental, we are concerned about the health of our patients, so mercury-free dentistry is always practiced. We do not offer (mercury-containing) amalgam fillings.

  • Implant Restoration

    It’s essential to practice good dental hygiene as well as see your dentist for an oral exam and thorough cleaning every six months in order to optimize the chances of your implants lasting as long as possible.

  • ZOOM Whitening

    Zoom Teeth Whitening lightens and brightens teeth from discoloration of enamel and tooth dentin.

  • Invisalign

    Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic trays that gradually move teeth to their desired position.

  • Extractions

    If a patient requires a tooth extraction because a tooth has decayed or teeth have become crowded, our dentists take extreme care to keep you comfortable for this procedure.

  • Root Canal

    Root canal treatment, also known simply as “root canal,” is a procedure that can repair or even save a badly decayed or infected tooth.

About Friends and Family Dental

We are here to provide care to all of our patients as if they are members of our family.

Our experienced staff wants to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible. We believe in clear communication and options for all proposed treatment

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